Cours collectif de fitnessAccording to Alma Consulting, the level of absenteeism at work is growing in France. Several ideas rose but one catch our attention. Stéphane Diagana a great sportsman preach that working out or doing some sports at the work office is the best way to reduce absenteeism.



Why does work-out impact the absenteeism?

A regular physical activity enhance the individual well-being and reduce the risk of sick leaves. Working out at the office allows employees to rest their minds for a while and to strengthen the team spirit. For the company, this can reduce the absenteeism and increase the employee’s performances. In the long run, it gives a positive image to actual and future employees. Why is well-being important ? Because absenteeism has cost 45 billions of euros in France and it represented 16 days of absence per employees in 2014. Therefore working out at the office is a hint to follow!

Some actions that will help employees to work out at the office.

Salle de sport Some organizations are now proposing to their employees physical activities. The mayor of Poissy, for example, announced in December the opportunity for the 853 employees of the municipality to work out or sweat on a specific activity. They can choose among the following sports: Nordic Walking, Trek, Gym activities, Swimming, Aquagym and Aqua-Jogging. The employees can volunteer, they are not forced into doing some physical activity. Sports equipment and coaches of the municipality are set up to assure these activities. More than 450 employees are interested and the idea gathers more and more people. There are others organisations as Michelin that deploys, since several years, its policy of well-being through physical activity (Oxygen Program). It offers to its employees access over 5 fitness centers where they have customizable training programs.